Zaha Hadid Officially Signed Up For Iraq Parliament Job
Zaha Hadid has now officially signed a deal to design the Iraq Parliament building in Baghdad, despite only coming third in the original design competition. BD Online reports that Hadid attended a signing ceremony held at the Iraqi Embassy in London

  Baghdad Approves 25 Projects so far this year
The chairman of the Baghdad Investment Commission (BIC), Shaker Al Zamli [Shakir al-Zamil, Shaker Shabib] (pictured), has told Iraq’s Arabic language daily Al Sabah that Baghdad governorate has awarded licences for 25 projects in housing, tourism, in

  Companies Sought for Iraq-Jordan Pipeline
A spokesman for Iraq’s Ministry of Oil has said that Iraq is looking for international companies to build a pipeline from Haditha to the Jordanian port of Aqaba. Assem Jihad told NINA: “Iraq signed an agreement with Jordan to extend a pipeline to t

  New Iraq Broadband Route expected This Year
IQ Networks, a wholesale internet provider based in Sulaymaniya, expects to open a $100-million (120-billion-Iraqi-dinar) broadband cable from Turkey to Iraq’s Gulf coast by the end of this year. Reuters reports that, after spending an extra $30 mil

  New Route for Jordan-Iraq pipeline
The Iraqi Ambassador to Jordan has announced plans to re-route a proposed pipeline to the country’s Western neighbour. According to Ambassador Jawad Abbas, the $18bn, 150,000 bpd pipeline will now go south towards Basra and then west into the neighb